Day 2

Woohoo. Today's look is a little more honest. Yesterday I tried. Today I... woke up. Haha. 
I got up around 9am and started writing that essay that I meant to do yesterday. I just finished it not too long ago. Plus, I have work today. The dress code for my job is pretty lenient. We're allowed to wear jeans on the weekend. So, here's my... "outfit"
I did say I liked black, remember?

Also, today I wore make up. Usually I have dark circles under my eyes. Not normal dark circles. I usually look like I got punched in the eye. Both eyes. But today I went out and bought some Maybelline CoverStick. Now, I know nothing about make--up, and it was just a shot in the dark, but it worked. I'm also wearing some mascara. Next step... eyebrows.
Don't mind the silly face I'm making.
Well, I'm off to work now. I'm scheduled till 11:30. Wish me luck.

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