And this one isn't even from today, so now I'll be naming each entry randomly.


March 8th.

WOOHOO. I stayed home from class today, and I've been wanting to curl my hair for like a week.


Feb. 18

I don't like counting, so I'm just going to put the dates for the titles.
I have work today but it's kind of nice out, it's supposed to reach like 65 degrees.
Plus, my pair of black jeans that was already at the border of being too short have shrunken and now are just not to be worn. Oh well.
Today's Outfit
The cool pattern on the shirt.
My totally awesome earrings.



This is kind of a fail, huh? The weather has been so cold and yucky that I haven't even been trying. WARM WEATHER, MOTIVATE ME.


Day 45

Wow, ten days can feel like a long time.
OK, so I didn't actually wear this today, but I did buy the dress today.
It's really casual, but it still has that "little black dress" feel, I think.

I'm pretty sure my Grandma gave me this.

Yeah, that's the Humpty Key.


Day 35

Weeeeee~ So I'm still sick. Sucks. 
BUT school started despite, icy, dangerous conditions. I'm still getting into the groove of waking up early, so I don't always have time to put on something nice, but I'm trying. Today I didn't have class until 12:30, so I tried

Also, my friend Ya-chan gave me a late Christmas/birthday gift cause she's the sweetest.
Here's what she got me~ I LOVE IT.


Day 32

Well, It's been like a week. fair excuse, I was at my sister's. It was like a mini-vacation and I didn't do anything. My punishment? I'm sick. Fun stuff.
Today ParadisePeach got together and filmed Dance de Bakoon.
Here's what I wore:
I'm wearing tons of jewelry and wow, fishnet stockings. I think it looks pretty cool.
Tomorrow we're filming another dance, so I should have another picture. After that, school starts up again, and this is going to get real fun.